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Act of Love

Act of Love was the first book Joe Lansdale ever published. It’s grim and tense and frankly disgusting in spots, but that’s because it’s about a very sick person who likes to kill women in horrible ways. There’s not much nice to say about serial killers.
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Pigs Get Fat

A missing ladies' man forces Trace out of vacation mode and into a mystery, in the Edgar award-winning fourth entry of the series.

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As a major insurance company’s top investigator, Devlin "Trace" Tracy knows how to get to the bottom of things, starting with a glass of vodka. Swindlers, thieves, and murderers may try to muddle the scene, but Trace always has the last call.

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The fourteenth Joe Gunther novel. As Mr. Lou Reed would have it, it's about politicians making crazy sounds and everybody putting everybody else down.
Not to mention the dead bodies… piled up in mounds.

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Tucker Peak

You know what rolls downhill? Crime at a ski resort.
Hey, look! That's Joe Gunther there, right at the bottom of the slope!

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The Marble Mask

Somebody stabbed Jean Deschamps through the heart with an icepick. Fifty years ago. Joe Gunther's latest case is a cold one indeed.

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Occam’s Razor

The body was positioned so that the train neatly obliterated its head and hands…

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The Disposable Man

Seemingly caught up in a struggle between the Russian Mafia and the CIA, Joe Gunther struggles to find the truth and extract himself from a deadly situation.

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Bellows Falls

An open-and-shut case comes to look more and more like a frame-up. Soon, Joe finds himself feeling around the edges of a statewide drug distribution network, in Archer Mayor's eighth Joe Gunther Mystery.

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The Ragman’s Memory

The discovery of a bird's nest made of human hair sparks an investigation that takes Joe Gunther into a web of corruption and espionage.

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