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Publishing Services

We provide a full set of electronic publishing services for our authors. Just need someone to turn your backlist into e-books? We can do that. Want to completely rethink your approach to writing and publishing? We can help you sort that out, too.

E-Publishing Strategy

The publishing industry is going through a massive transformation, and the implications for authors are vast. The possibilities can be confusing. Can you e-publish your books? Should you? How does it work? Do you have electronic rights to your backlist? Can you get them back? How do you promote your books? Do you still need an editor? We can help you develop an e-publishing strategy which is right for you.

E-Book Creation

We can turn your work into high-quality, attractive e-books. Whether we’re converting your out-of-print backlist (including scanning and proofing right here in Portland) or publishing new works, our attention to detail is unparalleled. We design custom covers that work in the medium, we proof (and edit, if you need that) the text, we test your e-book on all the common e-reader platforms, and we generate all the right digital packages for distribution.

Publishing & Management

When it’s time to sell your e-books, we can handle placement with all the major retailers through our publisher accounts. We take care of the documentation that proves your right to publish the work, the cover art and descriptions–and we make sure your e-books are actually attached to the right categories, author listings and print titles. We also handle all the revenue tracking, providing you with consolidated sales reports and trends. And we reconcile payments from the retailers and send you money. You like that, right?

Marketing & Publicity

Unless you’re Stephen King, it’s not enough to toss e-books out there and hope they sell. From interactive (like your website and email newsletters) to social media (such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs), we can help you connect with your readers–and sell to them–in powerful new ways. Already have that stuff? Great! We can help you make it better.


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