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About the Press

Our basic principles are simple: do good work and treat people right. We didn’t get into publishing because we wanted to simply churn out as many e-books as cheaply as possible, taking as much money from the authors as we can. Does that mean we won’t be a huge publishing machine? Probably. But we’re happy forming strong relationships with our clients.

What We’re Doing

The separation between an author and reader can be vast. Work passes from author to agent to editor to publisher to wholesaler to distributor to retailer to reader. Along the way, the relationship—both personal and financial—is diluted.

We’re breaking that down and establishing a direct connection between authors and readers, bringing back only the parts which serve that relationship.

Our mission is to create direct, meaningful, rewarding relationships between authors and readers.

Stuff Authors Care About

When we convert your backlist, we do all the work, including the scanning and proofing, here in Portland. We don’t ship it across the globe—or even across the street. Why not? We’re faster and have a greater attention to detail than anyone else we know about. We actually read your book. At least twice.

You’re not assigning any rights to us. We’re making your e-books and publishing them, and we’re keeping about 25% of the revenue. But they’re still your books, and you can do whatever you want.

We’re going to help and advise you. You can be as involved as you want, and certainly, some participation is required. Ultimately, though, you’re the boss. If we don’t like what you want to do, or you don’t like what we’re proposing, we shouldn’t be working together anyway.

Did we mention you keep 75% of gross sales revenue? Oh, good. Thought so.


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