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Bellows Falls

Bellows Falls

Joe Gunther is seconded to the neighboring town of Bellows Falls to investigate harassment allegations against a fellow officer. What begins as a seemingly open-and-shut case comes to look more and more like a frame-up as Gunther doggedly pursues the truth, and soon he finds himself feeling around the edges of a statewide drug distribution network. As always, Vermont itself is a major character in Mayor’s writing, with Bellows Falls standing in for any number of slowly decaying once-proud mill towns. Bellows Falls is the eighth Joe Gunther novel.

The Ragman’s Memory […] is a very tough act to follow, but Mayor succeeds admirably here. As always, though, tiny, seemingly placid Vermont is the real star of the book… Mayor makes the place come alive for readers from Seattle to Key West.”
— Thomas Gaughan, Booklist

“Mayor creates the kind of characters who have always had to fight for survival. Individuals like the villain’s battered wife and the naïve young cop who falls in love with her seem painfully real. But it is when these people are viewed collectively — as Bellows Falls in the flesh — that we can really see the value of their lives.”
— Marilyn Stasio, New York Times 

“Mayor delivers another superb combination of case, characters and local color and brings it all to life without a wasted word.”
Publishers Weekly

“His evocation of a tough, honest cop coping with everyday crime made worse by an unforgiving climate, and towns being brought to their knees by poverty, makes Mayor literally a man for all seasons and all places.”
— Elaine Budd, Hartford Courant

About Archer Mayor

New York Times bestselling author Archer Mayor has been a photographer, teacher, historian, editor, travel writer, lab technician, political advance man, medical illustrator, journalist, publications consultant, constable, and EMT/firefighter. He is half Argentine, bilingual, and has lived in several countries on two continents. Currently, he’s a novelist, a death investigator for Vermont’s medical examiner, and a police officer.

Find him on the web at

Photo of Bellows Falls billboard by Flickr user dougtone (CC BY 2.0)

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