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The Ragman’s Memory

Fallen Nest

A small girl brings Joe Gunther a bird’s nest—made partially of human hair. In the search to put a body, and an identity, to the hair’s owner, Joe comes upon an unexplained death, a grisly murder, and a sudden disappearance. All seem to be entangled in a puzzling web of municipal corruption, blackmail, and industrial espionage. A shell-shocked World War II vet nicknamed “The Ragman” may hold the key to it all, if Joe can get him to talk before the murderer strikes again.

The Ragman’s Memory is the seventh Joe Gunther novel.

“The Joe Gunther novels are among the best mysteries being written today, and author Mayor seems to succeed in making each one richer and more textured than its predecessor. The Ragman’s Memory features at least a dozen wonderfully complex characters—cops, criminals, and victims alike—and offers another fascinating look at life on the mean streets of a small New England city.”
— Thomas Gaughan, BookList (starred review)

“…by practicing his craft with dazzling skill and by digging for the deeper moral issues behind every grass-roots crime, [Archer Mayor] has made an honorable art form of the regional mystery.”
— Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

Ragman is a fine look at police procedure as the department works to put an identity on the victim and determine a cause of death […] Mr. Mayor has created an intelligent, gentle and feeling human being in Gunther, and visiting him is always a lovely way to spend a few hours.”
— Judith Kreiner, The Washington Times

“Mayor highlights tensions between proponents of development and those who would preserve Vermont’s beauty, making this solid noir mystery an offbeat New England tour guide, too.”
Publisher’s Weekly

About Archer Mayor

New York Times bestselling author Archer Mayor has been a photographer, teacher, historian, editor, travel writer, lab technician, political advance man, medical illustrator, journalist, publications consultant, constable, and EMT/firefighter. He is half Argentine, bilingual, and has lived in several countries on two continents. Currently, he’s a novelist, a death investigator for Vermont’s medical examiner, and a police officer.

Find him on the web at

Photo of fallen bird’s nest by Flickr user zenera (CC BY 2.0)

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  1. As a Vermont neighbor, I am thankful the Brattleboro Police Department has loaned Det. Joe Gunther to the famed (but fictional) Vermont Bureau of Investigation. With Gunther and his crew of assorted misfits on the job, we sleep better.

    April 4, 2012

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