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Kony and the LRA: Stories from the Children


The story of Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army is chilling—ruthless genocide, wholesale rape and torture, and the abduction and brainwashing of thousands of children to create an army of child soldiers and sex slaves. The cry ringing around the world is “Capture Kony!” and yet the last LRA activity in Uganda took place years ago.

What remains are the LRA’s victims, and the lives they must piece back together again.

Award-winning journalist Paul Raffaele documents the human cost of Kony’s war in words and photographs. At the height of the rebellion, Raffaele visited northern Uganda three times to investigate Kony, the LRA and their crimes against the 25,000 children they abducted. He interviewed scores of survivors at the Children of War Rehabilitation Centre, as well as religious and military leaders, social workers, and ex-LRA officers. This book is the the product of those interviews—the story of the children of Kony’s war, told by the children themselves.

20% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to UNICEF, in the name of the children of Uganda.

Where to Buy

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About Paul Raffaele

Paul Raffaele began his journalism career in 1965, covering China, Cambodia and Vietnam for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He is the author of three books: The Last Tribes on Earth: Journeys Among the World’s Most Threatened CulturesAmong the Cannibals: Adventures on the Trail of Man’s Darkest Ritual; and Among the Great Apes. Raffaele has written features for Reader’s Digest, Smithsonian magazine and numerous other media outlets.

Find him on the web at and on Twitter as @PaulRaffaele

Photo of child’s therapy drawing by Paul Raffaele.

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